Paper Cup Construction
A surprising and stimulating activity


Welcome to the wonderful world of paper cup construction! Whether you are a parent looking for an affordable, stimulating toy, a teacher looking for a classroom activity, a manager looking for a team building exercise, or anyone with a sense of curiosity and a playful attitude, you’ve come to the right place! Paper cup construction is a creative, stimulating, and cooperative activity for all ages.

A creative, stimulating, and collaborative activity, paper cup construction is perfect for individuals and groups of all ages. Because early play with simple constructive toys has been correlated with later academic success, paper cups provide an ideal way to provide schools and families with a low-cost educational toy. They are also perfect for professional team building or icebreaker activities. You can explore the benefits of paper cup construction on the about page. If you’re interested to learn more, you can purchase Fundamentals of Paper Cup Construction from This book outlines some of the fundamental techniques of paper cup construction, complete with a comprehensive glossary of terminology as well as tips for organizing paper cup construction activities.