Paper Cup Construction
A surprising and stimulating activity

Why Paper Cup Construction?

Playing with simple constructive toys has been correlated with improved visual-spatial reasoning, mathematical and problem solving abilities, language acquisition, social skills, and creativity. Paper cups strike a superb balance between artistic expression and structural, analytical thinking. In addition, they facilitate the development of fine and gross motor skills, patience for building large structures, and persistence in the face of engineering difficulties. Paper cup construction also promotes significant collaborative behavior while builders work together to make especially large towers or combine individual constructions into elaborate villages. All of these creative, stimulating, and collaborative aspects make paper cup construction an exemplary educational activity.

Augmenting their outstanding performance as an educational toy, paper cups exhibit some extremely useful practical properties that make them an especially attractive option. First and foremost, paper cups are extremely affordable, allowing large collections to be amassed at low cost. They are also safe, storable, and surprisingly durable — crumpled paper cups can be popped back into shape with little damage. Finally, in an age of electronics and marketing hype, paper cups are refreshingly simple, in keeping with research findings that the simplest toys can often be the most stimulating.

For these reasons and others, paper cup construction is an excellent educational activity for individuals and groups of any age, race, gender, or socioeconomic background. Because early play with simple constructive toys has been correlated with later academic success, paper cups provide an ideal way to provide schools and families with a low-cost, stimulating, creative, cooperative activity. They are also perfect for professional team building or icebreaker activities. And above all, building with paper cups is fun!

To learn more, read this research paper outlining the educational benefits of paper cup construction:

Research Paper